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Dress Code

The selection below is from our handbook but here are the highlights: 

Shorts, dresses, skirts.... 3 inches above the knee or longer.

If girls wear leggings, their top must be at least as long as the fingertips (mid-thigh).

Girls tops...when the arms are raised, no skin shows, sleeves are about 2 inches (3 fingers wide). No racerback styles allowed. 

Boys are not to wear sleeveless shirts.

Boys hair must not be in their eyes or longer than their shirt collar. 


Dress and Grooming (from the Campus Information Guide)

The District’s dress code is established to teach grooming and hygiene, prevent disruption, and minimize safety hazards. Students and parents may determine a student’s personal dress and grooming standards, provided that they comply with the following:

  1. General

    1. Any clothing, jewelry or accessories with decorations, patches, lettering advertisements, etc., that may be considered obscene or offensive are not to be worn to school. This includes any clothing, jewelry or accessories having criminal street gang identifiers, accessories that may be used as weapons, and accessories having drug, sex, tobacco, or alcoholic beverage references or designs.

    2. Form fitting garments such as Spandex may only be worn with another layer of clothing, which meets dress code requirements.

  2. Shirts and Blouses

    1. Crop tops, tube tops, halters and spaghetti straps are unacceptable. (Anything less than two inches is considered a spaghetti strap.) Strapless dresses without jackets are unacceptable.

    2. The display of cleavage is unacceptable. Low cut blouses, tops, sweaters, etc., with plunging necklines are not allowed.

    3. The length of an untucked shirt must be no longer than the tip of the longest finger with the student’s hand fully extended down the side of his/her leg.

    4. Transparent and/or see-through material is considered unacceptable.

    5. Shirts/tops must touch the waist of pants/skirts at all times. (i.e., when in movement, when arms are extended or raised, and when in a seated position, etc.)

    6. A boy’s shirt should cover the entire crown of the shoulder.

  3. Pants

    1. Torn, cut/slashed or frayed material that reveals any area of skin or undergarment is considered inappropriate.

    2. No pajama bottoms, sleepwear or loungewear.

    3. Students shall wear their trousers or overalls properly at the waist. No sagging.

    4. Shorts are to be no shorter than the length of the longest finger.

  1. Accessories

    1. All students must wear shoes at all times. Students participating in physical education class shall wear athletic footwear to participate. House shoes and slippers are prohibited.

    2. Any type of head covering is unacceptable; religious exceptions must be cleared by the principal.

    3. Proper undergarments should be worn but not visible.

    4. Chains or spiked jewelry are unacceptable.

    5. Earlobes may be pierced (Boys may wear studs only). No facial or body piercing is allowed.

    6. Permanent or temporary tattoos must be covered at all times.

  2. Hair

    1. Hair is of a natural color.

    2. Hair should be kept neat, clean and reasonably styled.